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2014 Silver Medal from the Atlantic Canada Beer Awards. Shakespeare Chocolate Oatmeal Stout is a full and silky body stout, dark chocolate in colour. The aroma is rich with caramel, chocolate, and a hint of vanilla. A very low spice and floral hop character makes this stout complex and original. ABV 6%


In hushed tones, people remark on its orange copper colour.  Some whisper that it's brewed with Pekko and Centennial hops.  This ale may be double hopped to give it an intense hop aroma and a bitterness of 75 IBUs, and the bold among us may boast of its moderate fruitiness which provides the perfect balance.  We may long to share that it weighs in at 7 %.

But to avoid the wrath of Putin, we will deny everything! 


This specialty sour beer is brewed with New Brunswick grown Seabuckthorne berries, kettle soured, and aged with the berries. It offers a beautiful fruity and peachy aroma with a bit of funk! 

ABV 4.8%


The local "Stone Family Maple Products" Sugary is a very cool group of people who provide us with the maple sap. We use the freshest maple sap to make this seasonal beer. Our amber ale is brewed with a mixture of crystal and caramel malts that lend it a beautiful caramel and sweet maple aroma and medium sweet finish. It has a well-rounded body with lots of malt and biscuit notes. An amber-red pour with a perfect creamy head!  ABV 5.6 %


Pale golden in colour with a light body & malty and honey aroma. Handpicked New Brunswick wild chanterelles add a delicate and complex aroma to the light fruity aroma offered by the hops. Light and refreshing. ABV 4.5% 


This dark brown beer offers a unique blend of light roasted and crystal malts. Brewed with 100% birch sap and English aroma hops, the sap adds a unique tasting profile to this seasonal favourite. It's hoppy and slightly bitter at 32 IBUs, with a bit of complex bitterness added by the sap.This beer finishes with treacle and subtle coffee notes without any roasted astringency or tannins! Too bad we can only make this in the spring. 5.7% ABV


Harvest season is here. This year we've crafted a Cucumber Saison, made with New Brunswick cukes! Pale orange in colour. Light body, spicy and grainy flavours blend well with freshness of the harvest cukes and pepper notes. Moderately bittered with spicy noble hops. 5.6% Enjoy! 


With the ever growing popularity of the hazy New England IPA we have created the Roll In The Hay IPA. Medium malty sweetness, juicy finish with loads of hop flavour. Pale malts and oats. Lemondrop hops give this juicy IPA an explosive lemon and papaya aroma. 5.5% 

Purple Maize (Chicha Morada)

This beer is brewed with Peruvian purple corn and pilsner malt.  Our take on Chicha Morada offers wonderful aroma of spices and fruits, light body and 5%.  Come say hello, enjoy a pint. 

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